2 Gallon/10L Alcohol Moonshine Water Copper Home Stainless Alcohol Distiller


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This set of home distiller is a complete wine making sets
It is very easy to be set up and use, It’s particularly suitable for the production of spirits with a strong aroma ( brandy, whiskey,fruit brandy, ecc.) , also for essential oils ( perfumes, remedy, and liquors )
But most of all for high graded alcohol ( vodka ). it can make pure water also .
The construction is all Stainless steel which has been argon welded thus avoiding any of the health problems associated with copper
and solder constructed stills.

Welding technique:
The item is argon welded to avoid any of the health issues associated with welding and solder constructed alcohol stills.

Boiler Material: stainless steel
Cooling pipes material: top grade red copper
2 Gallon / 10 L Litres :
Boiler Size 25cm in diameter x 18cm in height
Thumper Keg Size 18cm in diameter x 11cm in height
Heat source: induction cooler, stove, or any other heating sources are ok.
You will need (NOT include) : yeast,water supply,heat source(I suggest use induction cooker or gas stove) ; all the items are the same the
pictures showed
Note: You can use a water pump (not included) when using the products , just please control the flow of the water ; You can use the water tap
in your house also, or add the ice, water by manually
Package included:
1x Stainless Boiler
1x Thumper Keg
1 set necessary accessories(Exhaust Valve,Silicone tube ,seals and gaskets,Fully accessories as the pictures show)


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